FAQ and Tips

Rosemine Charitable & Educational Trust, Do you know, how dream come true…
  • Bharatratna Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Former President of India is my Ideal. I had a lifetime opportunity to receive Mentorship Award by Him. I am unable to describe his impact on my life. Simply I can say, His Vision is my Mission.

  • My world is confined to counseling and support to the students. I have visited many institutions like universities and colleges and have found that students need support and counseling not only for career but for coming out of stress and misguidance.

  • I visits colleges round the year, particularly engineering colleges where huge number of students are enrolled but their quality of education is not up to the mark and finally it affects their career. For your kind information I have visited more than 500 Education Campuses and met not less than 2 lacs students across India.

  • It hurts to see it that students are preferring to select those colleges where donation is mandatory. They should understand that donation cannot be a parameter of good institution. Many institutions are creating the environment only to extract extra money as capitation from the students. Now there is no shortage of good colleges for any course, that’s why donation practice should be avoided and strictly stopped by the government of India.

  • We have often held meetings with educationists, held many seminars across India and pleaded concerned state government to facilitate an official platform for the students who are keenly interested for counseling and support. In education, there should be a single window system in the larger interest of the students. Opening care counseling center by the government will be a welcome step.

  • Many students feel that colleges are important because they are swayed by advertisement or propaganda. But the fact is quite different. Sometimes even the little known colleges have the best faculty in particular trade and they do better than famous colleges. I would like to advise the students to go for the stream rather than the institution.

  • In comparison to European and American Countries we are nowhere in GER. We can’t even think of to be a World Leader without increasing our GER. Rosemine is making serious and sincere effort to increase it. With a goal to provide higher education to 1 lakh students by 2020, Rosemine is educating, facilitating and counseling candidates without any discrimination of caste, creed and religion since more than a decade.