Do you know, how dream come true… Can you say, how the vision of an individual turns into social movement, have you ever imagined, which are the qualities we should have to connect ourselves to a great soul like Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.

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Who We Are

Rosemine Charitable & Educational Trust, founded and chaired by Awais Amber, is a shining example of how a single individual's vision can turn into a social movement that impacts thousands of lives. The trust, which began in 2005, was registered as an institution on August 30, 2007, with the aim of making a difference in the world of education in India.

Over the past decade, Rosemine has become a self-reliant force that has helped thousands of students realize their dreams of pursuing higher education. The trust has earned more than 7000 success stories, and its tireless efforts have touched the lives of students in more than a dozen states across India, including Bihar, Jammu & Kashmir, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, West Bengal, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu & Andman and Nicobar Islands.

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One of the most remarkable things about Rosemine is that it has successfully helped more than 1500 students after 10th grade, more than 2500 students after 12th grade, and more than 2000 students after graduation level. These students are the flag bearers of the trust, and their success stories are a testament to the hard work and dedication of the team at Rosemine.

The trust's mission is to fill the vacant seats in central government universities and state government universities. To this end, Rosemine is working to explain the real meaning of JEE/NEET exams, which are conducted by the Indian government. The trust is also trying to spread awareness about the fact that many dynamic courses running under state government universities do not require any tests or examinations. In fact, more than 88% of courses in India allow for direct admissions without any tests or exams.

The work being done by Rosemine is truly inspirational. Through its tireless efforts, the trust is making a real difference in the lives of students across India. By helping these students pursue higher education, Rosemine is creating a brighter future not just for these individuals but for the entire country. We can all learn from the dedication and perseverance of Awais Amber and the team at Rosemine, and we should support their efforts in any way we can.Rosemine Trust is focused on the educational field and has a vision to increase the gross enrollment ratio in India. This is a noble and important goal, as education is a key driver of economic and social development.

The gross enrollment ratio (GER) is a measure of the total enrollment in a given level of education (such as primary, secondary, or tertiary) as a percentage of the total population in the corresponding age range. Improving GER can help to ensure that more young people have access to education and can develop the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in life.

Through its work in the educational field, Rosemine Trust is helping to improve access to quality education for students in India. This work can have a significant impact on the lives of young people, as well as on the future of the country as a whole. By focusing on increasing GER, Rosemine Trust is contributing to the development of a more educated and skilled workforce, which can help to drive economic growth and social progress in India.


What We Do

Education is a fundamental right of every individual, and it is essential for the growth and development of a country. Unfortunately, many young individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds in India do not have access to higher education due to financial constraints. This is a significant setback for the country's development, as it limits the potential of these young individuals.

Rosemine, a social organization, understands the importance of education and recognizes the challenges that underprivileged students face in accessing higher education. To address this issue, they have launched a design program called Sankalp, which aims to provide technical education to deserving underprivileged students.

Rosemine Trust is committed to providing underprivileged students in India with access to higher education through their Sankalp program. One of the ways in which they are achieving this goal is by partnering with central and state government universities to provide financial assistance to deserving students through vacant seats.

Under the Sankalp program, Rosemine Trust identifies deserving students from disadvantaged backgrounds who are unable to afford higher education. They then approach central and state government universities to inquire about vacant seats in their various programs. In many cases, universities may have vacant seats due to various reasons, including students dropping out, not meeting eligibility criteria, or the unavailability of qualified candidates.

Rosemine Trust works with the universities to identify these vacant seats and fill them with deserving students. They provide financial assistance to cover the tuition fees and other related expenses, ensuring that the selected students can continue their education without any financial burden.

In addition to providing financial assistance, Rosemine Trust also offers mentorship and career guidance to these students to help them achieve their full potential. This support helps students from disadvantaged backgrounds overcome the challenges they may face and succeed in their academic and professional pursuits.

Through this partnership with government universities, Rosemine Trust is creating opportunities for underprivileged students to pursue higher education and build a brighter future for themselves and their families. By providing access to vacant seats and financial assistance, Rosemine Trust is helping to bridge the gap between deserving students and higher education in India.The ultimate goal of Sankalp is to increase the Gross Enrolment Ratio (GER) in higher education in India by making technical education accessible to more students from disadvantaged backgrounds. Rosemine's approach involves partnering with educational institutions, government agencies, and companies to provide financial assistance, scholarships, and other resources to deserving students.

Mr Awais Amber, the Chairman and Founder of the Trust, has a dream to share this beautiful concept with industrialists to understand the beautiful concepts to make this country educated and skilled like Europe. Through Sankalp, Rosemine hopes to inspire more people to join them in their mission of increasing the GER in higher education in India.

Industrialists can play a significant role in supporting Rosemine's mission by partnering with them to provide financial assistance, scholarships, and other resources to deserving students. By investing in the education of underprivileged students, they can help create a skilled workforce that will contribute to the development of our country.

Furthermore, industrialists can also support Rosemine by creating awareness about the importance of education in the development of our country. By doing so, they can encourage more people to support this cause and work towards increasing the GER in higher education in India.

In conclusion, Rosemine's Sankalp program is a cost-effective solution that can be easily scaled to reach a larger number of underprivileged students. With the support of industrialists and other stakeholders, Rosemine hopes to create a brighter future for our country by providing access to higher education for all deserving individuals.

We suggest all candidates and their guardian to go through our Website & E-Brochure. You should be fully aware of our Vision & Mission, Rules & Regulations.

Ensure that you have 50% or above marks in 10th/10+2/ Graduation and you can bear your fooding and lodging expenses. Rest you need not to spend a single rupee for your studies.

If any candidate is orphan (yateem) or comes from BPL family, Rosemine offer even 100% scholarship for such students.

Keep all relevant certificates with you in original.

We prefer Online Registration to save your precious time.

But if you want you can download our Registration Form and after filling it you have to send it by Registered Post or Courier on our Office Address.

You can also take the Form from our office and complete the Registration Process same day.

Once you get registered you can interact with our National Career Counselor & Chairman, Rosemine Group Mr. Awais Amber (depending on his availability) regarding selection of Stream/Course/Institute/Scholarship or Motivational Tips.

If you have any type of Query/Confusion/Difficulty please mail us at or call us on 9204786787/ 9204786780/ 9955542518.

Interact only with our office bearers or registered coordinators.

Apart from Registration Charges we don’t take any type of fee for anything. If any person directly or indirectly demanding such fee, please mail or call us immediately.

After taking admission you will not be allowed to leave/change concern College/Institution in the mid of your studies without any valid/genuine reason.

We do lots of activities for the betterment of Students. Some of them are:

Organizing Seminars & Workshops in Schools, Colleges, Public Areas etc for higher studies and career awareness.

Interaction with Students in different educational campuses and inviting them for career counseling.

Campaigning by hundreds of Volunteers at Block, District and State Level.

Campaigning on all formats of Media – Electronic, Print & Web.

Distribution of Information Brochures and Pamphlets.

Rosemine has got different place in the heart and mind of its believers and followers because of its transparency. Here you can see that how we use the donation which we receive for our Charitable Works from any part of our Country or Abroad:

Our Team Member

Do you know, how dream come true… Can you say, how the vision of an individual turns into social movement, have you ever imagined, which are the qualities we should have to connect ourselves to a great soul like Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.

Akhil Akhilesh

Head of IT Department

Chandan Mishra

Coordinator Manager

Andaleeb Hashim

Director ( Associate)

Vishal Abhishek

Associate Manager/ Back Office Manager

Parvej Akhtar

Country Associate Group Director

Our Goal

India has the highest number of illiterate adults. 287 million adults of India cannot read or write. This number is four times of the population of France and 39% of all illiterate adults worldwide. In these 287 million adults there is a large number of youth population, age between 15-24 years; and amongst them 39% are boys and 61% are girls. As far as access to education beyond higher secondary schooling is concern, it is a mere 10% among the university-age population in India. If we want to emerge as the World Leader we will have to get rid of this situation. In the light of these facts we have set some goals for us under the guidance of our Chairman Mr. Awais Amber: To give higher education a new meaning.

  • To fulfill Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam’s Dream regarding educated and developed India.
  • To provide higher education to 1 lakh students by 2020.
  • To increase GER in higher education in India, which is at present very low in comparison of European and American Countries.
  • To make technical education available absolutely free of cost to everyone.
  • To unveil the fraud of coaching classes, which is at present playing with the future of lacs of students across India.
  • To make corruption free India and it is only possible when we will make our education system corruption free.
  • To make sure that any under privileged child should not be deprived of quality education. As far as orphans (yateem) are concern we are pledged to provide them 100% scholarship and all assistance they need.
  • To take special care of Girl Child, make them self-dependent and provide them a dowry-free society where they will get equal treatment like boys.
  • To contribute in our own way in Govt. of India’s programs like Skill India & Digital India.
  • To teach the lesson of Humanity by all our works & deeds.
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