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Rosemine Educational Trust

Bridging Gaps in Education with 100% Scholarships

Welcome to Rosemine Educational Trust, where education meets opportunity! As the Best Educational Trust in India, we are dedicated to transforming the educational landscape, and our CEO and Founder, Mr. Awais Amber, is leading the charge towards a brighter, more inclusive future.

Awais Amber - CEO, Founder, and Chairman of Rosemine Educational Trust

Embark on a journey with Mr. Awais Amber, a visionary committed to realizing his dream of transforming education in India for everyone. As the Founder and Chairman of RoseMine Educational Trust, Mr. Amber envisions a nation where every young person has the chance to pursue higher education and unlock their full potential.

Addressing Critical Challenges in Education

Mr. Amber identifies and tackles key challenges hindering the educational aspirations of countless young minds:

Limited College Seats: Only 10 out of 100 students secure a spot in college after school. Rosemine seeks to change this statistic, ensuring more young individuals can access higher education.

Inaccurate Information: Misleading data on college enrollment creates confusion. Mr. Amber aims to provide accurate information, debunking myths and empowering students to make informed choices.

Wasted Potential: With 70 Out Of 100 Youths Missing Out On Higher Education,

Rosemine Recognizes The Untapped Talent Pool. The trust strives to unlock this potential by making education accessible to all.

Mr. Amber's Vision for a Brighter Future

For over a decade, Rosemine and Mr. Amber have been on a mission to make higher education accessible, especially for those from less affluent backgrounds. Key initiatives include:

Utilizing Vacant Seats: Addressing the issue of underutilized state-affiliated colleges by advocating for policies that maximize available resources.

Steps for Change

Mr. Amber's comprehensive plan for transforming education includes:

Easier Access to College: Advocating for the removal of barriers such as tough entrance exams for eligible students. Affordable Education: Ensuring that education in crucial fields remains affordable, aligning with the financial capabilities of families. Support with College Living: Introducing residential programs to provide extra support, leveling the playing field for all students. Addressing Policy Issues: Highlighting the need to revise government policies to create equal opportunities for state-affiliated colleges.
Transforming Vision into Action
Rosemine Educational Trust focuses on quality education, inclusive policies, open discussions, and correcting misinformation to make Mr. Amber's vision a reality:
Focus on Quality:

Prioritizing good education over degrees to ensure that every student receives a well-rounded learning experience.

Inclusive Education Policies:

Advocating for policies that cater to students of all backgrounds and financial statuses.

Encouraging Open Discussion:

Urging a national dialogue on education reform to involve all stakeholders in finding effective solutions.

Correcting Misinformation:

Dispelling false beliefs about mandatory entrance exams and showcasing alternative paths for higher education.

Join Mr. Awais Amber and Rosemine Educational Trust in breaking down barriers and making education a right, not a privilege. Together, let's pave the way for a brighter, more inclusive future for education in India.

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