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"اگر فردوس بر روئے زمیں است ہمیں است و ہمیں است و ہمیں است''

Nature has endowed Kashmir with implausible beauty and is rightly called as “Paradise on Earth”. Kashmir is resplendent with stunning Chinar trees that turn the entire valley yellow and red when the autumn arrives, silver lakes that turn golden at the crack of dawn, and crystal blue rivers that are sourced from the icy mountains.

Education is an indispensable for the development and prosperity of both a nation and society. It acts as a pillar of support and hence provides skills and development for effective employment in the future. Apart from primary and secondary education, higher education is the backbone of the contemporary society. The Indian higher education system has exhibited remarkable development over the last decade to become one of the world’s largest systems of higher education.

As per the survey, the Gross enrolment Ratio at various levels in higher education for the age group of 18-23 years in J&K is 25 percent with the Gross enrolment Ratio of males at 23 percent and females at 27.2 percent. However, the Gross enrolment Ratio of Scheduled Caste is 17.3 including males with a GER of 15.4 and females with 19.4 percent.

Needless to say, education is becoming costlier day by day. It is not easy for all families to arrange fund for their wards' higher education in Maharashtra. So it is extremely difficult to provide their children with equal access to mainstream education for higher studies. Here, at Rosemine Educational Trust’s ‘Sankalp Scholarships’ that make it possible for such financially weak students to continue their higher education and make their future better.

Rosemine Educational Trust is providing 100% Scholarships for 88 Courses of Technical, Para-Medical and Management streams. We have tied up with numerous Government Universities and colleges across the country under our Sankalp Scholarships Program.

Rosemine Educational And Charitable Trust is here to make your dreams come true. We are making your way far more accessible day by day. Whatever course you are interested in, our trust is always there to support you, as your backbone. Not only that, but we also take the whole responsibility of your complete education. What you have to pay is only the food, lodging, and examination fee.

We humbly request every student not to get trapped in any kind of educational consultancy or mediator. For any verification or inquiry, please visit our trust "Rosemine Educational and Charitable Trust" Head-office in Patna. Get your assurance before registering with us. It is a matter of pride for us to let you know that the formar President of India, Dr A P J Kalam, honored our trust's Chairman, Mr. Awais Ambar, for giving golden wings to the students of higher education.

In this regard, we invite you to watch a video created by our Chairman, Mr. Ambar, through this YouTube link: This video sheds light on the education system's flaws in Nepal and appeals to all Nepal students and their parents to join our mission.

Remember, education is the key to unlocking your potential and fulfilling your dreams. Do not let lack of resources stop you from achieving your goals. Join Rosemine Educational And Charitable Trust, and let us help you reach your full potential.

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