Do you know, how dream come true… Can you say, how the vision of an individual turns into social movement, have you ever imagined, which are the qualities we should have to connect ourselves to a great soul like Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.

Nepal Wing

Nepal Highlights

Nepal is a huge hub of Talent.Whether it is in Academics or in Athletics, it always shows its best in every field.

But despite being such a talented country, it's not on that place what it actually deserves.Reason...? Nothing but the lack of resources.Just because the students of nepal has not the proper resourses, they are few steps away from that prestigious position which belongs to it.

So ya , finally..... !!
Dear students of Nepal,we are glad to inform you that Its very easy and simple to complete your education in India trouble freely.

Though some so-called educational consultancies are just trying to misguide you by saying that its quite costlier to get studied in India.But let me tell you one thing....."Education is the one and only key to sucess , and everyone has the right to get educated whatever class he or she belongs". You don't need to have any specific medium or any kind of extra expense for being educated in India. You can study here even after completing your education from nepali institutions.

And for making your dream come true,We"Rosemine Educational And Charitable Trust"are making your way far more easier day by day. Whatever course you are interested in,our trust is always there behind you, as your backbone.Not only this, we take the whole responsibility of your complete education.What you have to pay is only the food, lodging and examination fee.

Its our humble request to every student not to get trapped in any kind of educational consultancies or mediator.For any verification or enquiry, please visit our trust "Rosemine Educational and Charitable Trust"'s Head-office Patna .Get your assurance before registering with us. It will be very prestigious for us to let you know that the President of Nepal,"Smt.Vidya Devi Bhandari" honoured our trust's Chairman "Mr.Awais Ambar" for giving golden wings to the students of Nepal.
Today , thousands of students of Nepal trusted us and shook hands. Now,they are getting their higher education and jobs with highest payscales with the help of Rosemine.

And In this chain of spreading the sunlight of education,we "Rosemine Educational and charitable trust"welcomes you heartfelty.

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